Microbits is an album of experimental music, in which I explore new sounds applied to songs I composed with my guitar. Released in 2014, it’s my first solo work, mixed by me at my home studio in Burzaco, Argentina. It represents my chaotic mind in a period of 3 years, when I lived many sudden changes. Also, implicitly, it shows my huge love for my friends and the many psychedelic experiences I lived with them.

During the time I was playing with Alquitrán and Árboles al Universo, I got some guitar ideas that wouldn’t fit into neither project. They were very mine and I didn’t take them very seriously at the beginning, I just played them to have fun in my spare time.

After a couple months, I had a handful of melodies demanding my attention. At the same time, I was starting to record bands professionally so I said “why not?”, and proposed myself to produce my own solo album. During those weeks, my friend Ezequiel Bachini was making songs with his band, and asked me to record them in a countryside house. I took the opportunity to ask the drummer, Pedro Viau, to record some beats for my recently created MIDI structures of my songs. We spent a whole weekend recording in that house, it was awesome.

In the next weeks my friend from Árboles al Universo, Germán Caramanico, recorded some incredible bass lines. Then, Nicolás Tognola and his Bandoneón added the wonderful lines you can hear at “Hey Noah”. I also invited my friend Federico Gil to create some electro beats for “Damuche”, which fitted beautifully.

Finally, helped by Ezequiel Bachini, I finished the mix and sent it to Drew Capotto to master it.

The artwork was made by Florencia Magallanes (florenciamagallanesart.com). It’s a circuit that represents the electronic sounds I experimented with during the recording stages of the album.

Here’s it, please use headphones and get ready for something new:

Microbits Artwork, by Florencia Magallanes