Luke Neck

Who am I?

Or… who is Luke Neck?

That’s a tough question! I like describing myself as the mixture of a plate full of John Frusciantes and a delicious silicon chips salad with Nintendo sauce. Luke Neck is the literal translation of Lucas Cuello, my name : )

John is my greatest influence as a guitarist. He is deep, sensitive, natural, and his guitar tone gets right into my heart. On the other hand I’ve spent so much time of my life playing around with my electronic devices -recording software and virtual instruments included!- that I would be a totally different person and musician without them. I love almost every kind of music, from centuries ago till the most recent releases. I feel a special attraction to 90’s rock: this year I’m almost addicted to Stone Temple Pilots! Dean DeLeo is amazing.

So there we go: like everybody, I’m still getting to know myself, and always discover something new! When I was a child I played lots of Nintendo games, I loved Koji Kondo’s compositions. They remain in my memory until today and still influence my music. Of course I can talk about dozens of artists that influenced me – I played lots of styles since I started, with different instruments: harmonica, guitar, oboe, bass and voice, even drums.

I don’t consider myself a great musician technique-wise, there are lots of wonderful players out there! But I love what I play, I love creating, improvising and taking new ideas from the void. In addition, one of the most fun things in the world for me is experimenting with new sounds using my computer. In my solo EP, Microbits, you will be able to hear many layers of sounds that I created or recorded. Recording and mixing is one of my biggest passions, I can spend whole days and weeks mixing and recording a single song, paying attention to every detail, and repeating small fragments over and over again, and having fun at the same time! 😀

Being born and raised in Burzaco, Argentina. I love being argentinian, I owe my homeland what I am, my passion, my love and my achievements. My argentinian friends and family are a big part of my life. My passion and curiosity made me wonder what is to be far from home, and living in other cultures, so I moved to Spain in 2015, where I met new wonderful friends and had one of the greatest times of my life. And in 2016 I moved to London, UK, where I live now. Living in this beautiful city is filling me with new energy… what will happen with Luke Neck’s music in the next years?

If you want to know a bit more about me and listen to some improvisations, follow my Instagram account: