Blindbuyer is a London based Indie Rock project I joined in January, 2017, playing bass and backing vocals. Being out of my comfort zone -guitar- has helped me to expand my consciousness, understanding with much more deepness the role of low frequency vibrations in music and life. Playing bass is making me a better musician! : )

Blindbuyer rehearsal

We started by working on songs made by Kon -singer and keys player-, being a 4-piece, and then evolved to a 3-piece, making our original songs together. After 2 months, we recorded 5 songs in our recording studio and I worked the mixes. Of those 5 tracks, we selected 3 which are now public in our Soundcloud page.

Now our goal is to develop our sound by adding textures and experimenting with new structures. We have a new drummer and are about to become a 4-piece again to have more sound colors available. After finishing our ongoing songs we are going to start gigging, so stay tuned ; )

You can listen to our music using the snippet below or by clicking this link:

I hope you enjoy it and follow us in this new journey!